An Oxfordshire Village

May 5th

Woo Hoo! the sun is out, forgotten are last weeks snow, sleet, hail, rain and bitter arctic weather and helloooo sunshine!

Taking a stroll in the neighbouring village in the glorious weather it was a blogger's dream day, here's my meandering for you to see too...






A village artist

Surrounding fields


The road home

Hoping you have enjoyed a little of the surroundings in which I live, joining in with Amy sharing five aspects of my walk this week, do pop over and see what others are sharing. 
   Hope the sun shines for you this week 

Photo a day Challenge

April 29th 

Today is D-day and I will gift my knitted jumper and scarf to my husband, I am a tad nervous but very pleased with it, have you had a peak...  Scandi knitted jumper

But onto the penultimate crochet a day photo challenge post.  Those that follow will know that I have been joining in on IG to post crochet photos and it has been so much fun.  Here are my next 5 entries...

Day 21:  UH-OH !

This was a big uh-oh! Moment in my crochet life and taught me so much.  A large crochet blanket wide enough to fit a double bed and each row comprises of different stitches.  What I forgot to do was to check the tension on each row and see how it corresponded to the other rows.  After a week or two of crocheting every night, I laid it out flat to show my friend when I realise that actually it has crept in at the sides and I had lost in actual fact about a third of width, it was starting to look like an A line skirt!  I almost cried as I had to frog over 40 rows, all those wasted hours....

Day 22:  GIFT IDEA

Men!  I find them very hard to buy for and to make for, but I hit upon the idea of crochet cuff links and so far so good.


This little bag hold my cotton wool in the bathroom and the small square is my super soft
cotton face cloth. 


I like to crochet with mostly chunky yarn as then the project tends to be quick!


I am not a big fan of making toys but after this commission last year I am more tempted.  He was made in the amigurmi style where you just crochet round and round.

Joining in with  Amy  to share my five pictures with you this week. 
Do pop over and see what others are sharing. 
♥   Have a great week   ♥

Out and about

April 27th

This time of year when the colours burst out it's like an awakening from hibernation.  Nature is so clever and I love where I live.  Take a stroll with me in the fields around our village...

Rape fields start green and slowy slowy become more yellow...


Who can resist a bluebell walk?


Here in the south of England for the past two days our temperature has dropped and we've truly had all the seasons not just within the day but within a couple of hours. Fire is lit again and the heating has had to be cranked up   Brrr, hoping for the return of a warmer Spring ...

♥  Happy 'hump' day to you all  ♥

And breathe, it's finished!

April 25th

I knew this jumper would take a long time to knit 1) it had to be done whilst my husband was away as it's a surprise birthday present 2) it's the first large project I have knitted in over twenty years, yes you read that right, 20 years!!!  What was I thinking? 

Anyway, it's done, I'm relieved and in actual fact I really enjoyed it, well not towards the end as it became a chore to make sure it was completed in secret and on time! I managed with 10 days to spare, not bad eh?  Let's forget I began at the end of January and it has taken me weeks and weeks of intermittent knitting.  It seemed as soon as I began this project my husband decided to not be away on business as much, do you think he knew and was trying to thwart me?!!?  Only just thought of that...

Would you like to see?  Just don't look too closely as my tension is all over the place, I wouldn't win any prizes and thank goodness for blocking, because doesn't that hide a multitude of sins...

Love knitting on dpn

Checking for size as I couldn't try it out on John

Frogging for me is part of the course, sigh

Starting the coloured work

Stitch markers make life so much easier

Hoping the blocking can sort out the tension

My daughter trying it on for size for me

Phew, blocking helped the tension

My first knitted jumper in over 20 years

Ready for wrapping

  Let's hope he likes it 
 Just realised it's closer to 30 years since I knitted a jumper
or anything so large, *gulp* where did those years fly to?


Our front garden for the Queen's 60th jubilee celebrations
April 21st 

Happy  Birthday  Your  Majesty 

Today the Queen of England celebrates her 90th birthday.  Unlike the majority of us she actually has two birthdays, this is the day of her birth and in June we celebrate her official birthday when there will be street parties, trooping of the colour, pubs will be open and a grand picnic on the Mall for 10,000 invited charity workers.  It's a big affair. 

There are many discussions about whether we should have royalty but putting that to one side, this is not the time or place on this little blog to discuss that.  But what I love about these sorts of celebrations and I think is quintessentially British, and let's face it there have been a few in recent years, is that it seems to bring neighbourhoods and neighbours out from the woodwork and people appear friendlier and happy.  Street parties are fun and everyone pitches in.  The last one I attended was for the Queen's 60th jubilee and it was magical.  Forget the Queen for a minute,  it was the people around me that made it special.  Our village was decorated, people dressed in red, white and blue, the local school opened it's doors and everyone brought food, there was a real feeling of togetherness.  If today and the official, birthday in June are anything like that, then bring it on,
I love it.

Shop fronts often go all out for major royal celebrations,
this is in Covent garden

Not usually a nation of flag wavers, we do bring them
out for royal occasions and major sporting events

Telephone boxes in Windsor have been known to be decorated,
today and tomorrow the Queen will be here in Windsor

Even I have been known to dress up in red, white and blue

Decorated food to share at the street party, homemade focaccia

If you do not hear from me again today its because I will be out and about in search of fun! but in the mean time I took the liberty of finding a few fun snippets for you all, click the links to have a 'gander' as they say x

Online message book, so far there are over 300 pages
An online book has been opened up whereby anyone from any country in the word, should they so wish can leave Her Maj a birthday message: The queen's birthday book

This year's Chelsea flower show will have the theme The Queen at 90.  I do not know if you have been, seen it on TV or even know about it but the Chelsea flower show is spectacular and this year I'm hoping for a show stopper:  Royal-Horticultural-Society-Chelsea-celebrate-Queen-90-birthday-celebration and those that love knitting and crochet there will be over 300,000 poppies lining the entrance to the show:  Field-of-poppies-at-Chelsea

Anyone keen to getting making and crafting before the official birthday, it's too late to make anything for today, have a look at this clever collection: 

Knitted Queen pattern from Deramores

Knitted tea cosy pattern by Teacosyfolk

This book includes patterns for all the royal family up to Kate and William's wedding, I include it as I think the knitted Queen is rather good.

Book by Fiona Goble
...and here is the Queen in close up from the book with Corgis in tow!  Brilliant design by Fiona .

Not forgetting children like to be involved the following link has much for all ages, I think if you printed off masks for everyone to wear you could have a real hoot! But there are many more other things on this link to do too: 

Many activities for children

Here in the UK there are the odd times that we may go a little over the top but my goodness I love it, take a look at these terracotta busts that made it onto national news from Fifield House Farm near Windsor, totally brilliant and quirky:

The official portrait of the Queen with the 3 next in line to the throne, each of these faces from this portrait have been used for stamps that will be issued today to mark her 90th birthday:

And just as an aside we had the privilege of climbing up the stairs to the top of this tower a couple of years ago, such an iconic London building.  Did you know that the name is not Big Ben, but that it is in fact the nickname of the bell inside the tower, known officially as the Great Bell and the name of the tower is actually known as Elizabeth Tower in honour of our Queen?

So out with the flag bunting today and I shall be wearing red, white and blue!
  Happy birthday Your Majesty  and any others celebrating their 90th birthdays today