Christmas bauble

December 8th

London bus bauble

My sister moved to the USA three years ago and this great book by Mille Masterton landed on my door mat last month.  The two became connected, why?  Inside among many quirky fun projects was a Christmas bauble of a London bus.  As I love Christmas so much and my sister is no longer in the UK, I thought this would be a great lift pre- Christmas gift for her.
Great book with some quirky fun crochet project 
The pattern instructions were clear and it was incredibly quick to hook up.  Two red bus pieces were made with htr and each of the windows, bus board name, radiator grille, and lights were made separately and then sewn on to the front of the bus.  Both bus pieces were then crocheted together with dc and gentle stuffed with a small amount of toy stuffing.  Wheel and wing mirrors were cleverly then made once the bus was complete. It could not have been simpler.

Crochet Christmas bauble, London style
Inside the same book there are other cute Christmas makes too, take a look...

Teeny stocking

Adorable mistletoe

Small Christmas puds

So here's hoping she will like it...

A gift for my sister who lives in the USA to remind her of  home

...and in the mean time, I spotted this London skyline cushion in the book too, 
think this could be my New Year project!

  If you are on the hunt for a new 
crochet book, add this to your Christmas wish list  

Cut out Christmas cards

December 7th

A little tease to the design...
I have long been a fan of Louise aka  Paper Panda and bought one of her start up paper cutting sets a couple of years ago.  As with many things in my life I work in phases and have not paper cut in months possible even more than a year.  Thinking about Christmas and the 'hand made' making Christmas cards is de rigor for many and paper crafting is also a very Scandinavian past time.  What better than to mix the two.  My cutting skills leave lots to be desired and as yet am not able to make the intricate cuts that the talented Louise can, but as long as this is not a phase maybe I too will become better.

The below cards are inspired by designs that I have seen Louise make, but I am working on my own Scandinavian Christmas card version, maybe it will be ready by Christmas 2017...

You can leave the card plain or as in
the background card you can spray it too

Close up of the bird design

Simple cutting design

Sprayed or plain, which do you prefer?

I made each card unfolded at the UK A5 size.  Using A4 paper I drew the design in the bottom right hand corner, see the templates below and used this as my template.  It is best to draw the design on the back side of your card so to avoid showing any pen or pencil marks.  This means any writing needs to be written back wards on the page.  The below templates are for you to use if you wish. Enlarge to the size you need.  If you do use the templates a link back to my page if you post about them would be greatly appreciated.

be merry template

bird template

 How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  

December wristwarmers

December  6th

A hint of red under the coat

I love mittens and gloves but confess to not being able to keep them on for too long.  My hands just become too hot. My solution after several years has been to wear wrist warmers if the weather is not too cold as that seems to be enough for me. Warmth around the wrist where the cold air can seep in between the coat cuff and my skin.

So a perfect excuse to grab those knitting needles and make yourself a pair or maybe even gift them away.  I am actually thinking of making a navy blue pair next for my husband.

They are incredibly quick to knit up one or two evenings maximum I would guess and are perfect for intermediate knitters as you do have a few rows of using three colours at once.
Beginner knitters, this is such a small project that you really could give this a try! If three colours is too much for you, omit the Christmas tree and go with the white snow flecks instead.

Knitted wrist warmer number two in the making

Close up of the knitted pattern

Full effect of the wrist warmer 


Using dk wool of your choice and appropriate needles, I tend to prefer dpn, but you could very easily use circular needles instead.
The wrist warmers can be made in either the standard long length or can be adapted to be made into shorter wrist warmers.

Cast on 32 (8 on each of the four dpn)
Rows 1 - 10
knit in rib ~  knit 2 pearl 2

Rows 11 - 31
Begin the pattern at bottom left hand corner.  Start each row from the left side of the chart.  The pattern follows a repeat after 8 stitches, so if you are knitting on dpn each needle will follow exactly the same pattern.

SHORT VERSION:  If you wish to have short wrist warmers that literally just cover the wrists then follow the pattern with ribbing on either side only and no plain red after the pattern.
Short version only:
After the pattern
Rows 32 - 42 
knit in rib ~  knit 2 pearl 2
Cast off

Make second wrist warmer.


Rows 32 - 62
Knit 30 rows
NOTE: If your lower arms are larger than average, as are mine, then you will need to increase stitches to accommodate for the widening of the arm.  I added 8 stitches making one at the beginning of each of the following rows: 32, 36, 41, 45, 49, 53, 56, 60 = total of now 40 stitches in each row

After the pattern
Rows 63 - 73 
knit in rib ~  knit 2 pearl 2
Cast off

Make second wrist warmer.

Please note the numbers at the side do not correspond to the written pattern

Please note the numbers at the side do not correspond to the written pattern

♥   Keep warm out there   ♥

Brune Pinner Christmas Cookies 2 2016

December 5th

Brunne pinner, crochet and coffee, perfection

Perhaps one of the most popular Christmas cookie in Norway is that of Brune pinner, direct translation is the rather unfortunate ~ brown sticks, not so attractive sounding are they!  But do not be fooled.  These quick and easy to bake cookies are moorish, they will all be coming back for more.

So onto the second of 7 Christmas cookie bakes without further ado I give you ~

Brune Pinner

Ingredients all ready
You will need:

♥  200g softened butter
♥  200g sugar
♥  1 egg yolk
♥  1 tablespoon golden syrup
♥  1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
♥  1 teaspoon vanilla sugar (optional)
♥  1 teaspoon baking soda
♥  300g plain flour

♥  egg for brushing
♥  pearl (nib) sugar ~ not easy to find but Ikea, Scandinavian kitchen and Ocado in the UK do sell it, as will specialist cake shops
♥  chopped almonds with skin left on

Notice each piece has been topped and tailed on a slant
1  Beat the butter and sugar to a fluffy creamy consistency.
2  Mix in the remainder of the ingredients .
3  Knead the dough till it all comes together.
4  Divide into 6 equal portions.
5  Roll out each portion into a long sausage on a baking tray covered with grease proof paper.
6  Press sausage flat so it it roughly finger size in width and a few mm in height only.
7  Brush over the egg on each sausage finger and then drizzle over the pearl sugar and chopped almonds.
8  Bake in pre heated oven at 175 degrees for approximately 10 minutes until just touched by a golden colour.
9  Cool ever so slightly and then whilst still warn cut each finger on a slant to divide up into individual pieces.
10  Cool on a wire rack and keep in an air tight container.  Will keep for 7 - 10 days.

Brune pinner already to eat
and gift this Christmas
These cookies make an ideal gift for teachers at Christmas, hostess thank yous and of course for the unexpected Christmas visitor.  Tie a ribbon around them, pop them in a spare jam jar with a Christmas adornment and you have a quick home made gift.

Eat & enjoy

    Eat & Enjoy  

Christmas cafe style curtains

Christmas curtains
December  4th

Top of the curtain showing curtain pole eyelets
I wanted something to make a statement in our room and although we normally have long curtains here that we close in the Winter, I decided time and aesthetically  long crocheted curtains were not the way to go, hence cafe style curtains with bobbles!  It does mean we sacrifice a teeny weeny bit of warmth, we live in an old 17th century house and our windows are single pane, but I thought the warmth of the colour red and a roaring log fire at the opposite end of the room would have to be enough to keep us toasty.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little for a particular look ;)

I used DK yarn with two stands and a 8 mm hook
Red was just over 200 g and white was just under 100 g
For a 130 cm long curtain pole I had a starting chain of 200
Note:  on bobble rows carry the second colour behind and trap it in between the stitches until ready to make first bobble

ch 200 ~ approx length 185 cm
R1:  Ch 1 more and turn, sc into second chain from the hook and complete the whole row with sc
R2:  Ch 1 and turn at the end of every row sc whole row
R3 & R4:  Ch 1 and turn *sc for 5 stitches, then sl st for next 5 stitches* repeat to the end of the row
R5:  Ch 1 and turn sc in each sc and ch 5 over the sl st gaps repeat till the end of the row
R6 & R7:  Ch 1 and turn sc across
R8: Ch 1 and turn  [Pick up white yarn (again use two strands) and trap the white yarn between the red yarn stitches until you need it. See photo below.]  *Sc for 10 stitches.  Switch to white yarn and ch 3 in next stitch hdc six times in the same stitch BUT do not  on any hdc pull through the last loop.  thus you will end up with 6 loops on the hook.  Yarn over and pull through all loops. Switch back to red yarn.*  Repeat between ** until the end of the row.  Leave a long white tail for weaving in the end and cut off white yarn only.
R9 - R12:  sc in each stitch
R13:  Repeat R8
R14 - R17 sc in each stitch Cut yarn and fasten off.

You can choose to make longer curtains,
but this was the right fit for mine to
avoid blocking out any light in the dark months
Using double strand of yarn can the
curtain weight and allowed for the natural curve
to form and hold it's shape

♥  Adding some quick Christmas hygge to our home  ♥

Christmas kitchen accessory

A touch of red gives it the Christmas feel

December 3rd

I have a problem but there does not seem to be a support group for it, so hence this blog is filled with many many posts about hearts. Yes hearts, I just love them and here is another for you.

Any colour could be used for this pattern could but I am in a grey mood these days, its a calming colour but to make it Christmassy there has to be red in there somewhere, right?

Here you are, hope you enjoy it as much as I am in looking at it in the kitchen and using it too.

Heart pot holder pattern:

Christmas heart oven globe
You will need dpn 

appropriate to the cotton yarn you use.  I suggest you take a thick cotton yarn.  I used dpn 4. Depending on the yarn and needles size, will dictate the height and width of the heart. This heart is approximately 22cm long and at it's widest 16cm  

CO 5 with Yarn A:  put 2 stitches on one needle and 3 on the other
R1 Knit the 5 stitches
R2 Increase to 10 stitches ~ I increase using the loop method and increase from the back
R3 & R4 Knit 10 stitches

Either follow the below pattern or follow the CHART 1 below.

R 1,2,3:  knit 5 stitches in Yarn A (10)

R 4:  Yarn B increase to 7 stitches (14)

R 5, 6:  knit 7 stitches (14)

R 7:  increase to 9 stitches (18)

R 8, 9:  knit  (18)

R 10, 11:  Yarn A (18)

R 12:  increase to 11 stitches (22)

R 13, 14:  (22)

R 15:  increase to 13 stitches (26)

R 16:  Yarn B (26)

R 17, 18:  (26)

R 19:  increase to 15 stitches (30)

R 20, 21:  (30)

R 22:  Yarn A increase to 17 stitches (34)

R 23, 24:  (34)

R 25:  increase to 19 stitches (38)

R 26 27:  (38)

R 28:  Yarn B increase to 21 stitches (42)

R 29:  (42)

R 30:  increase to 23 stitches (46)

R 31, 32, 33:  (46)

R 34:  Yarn A (46)

R 35, 36, 37: (46)

Now the heart divides to create the heart tops, this bit sounds complicated but it's not really, you just need to remember that we are now splitting the knitting into two sections, one for each top of the heart.

BEAR WITH ME HERE  At present you have 46 stitches. Leave the first 11 stitches on your needle and put the next 23 stitches on a stitch holder, these will form the left side of the heart top and we will knit these after we have completed the right side.  The remaining 12 stitches should also be kept on the needle.  This means you have 23 stitches on your needles and 23 stitches on a stitch holder.  

Right side has been knitted and left still on stitch holder

R 38:  Continue in Yarn A  
Divide your 23 stitches onto the four dpn thus: 5, 6, 6, 6
Make 1 stitch by going in through the back loop, knit 11, make 1 stitch, knit 12 and finally make 1 stitch (26)

R 39:  (26)

R 40:  Yarn B,  41, 42, 43, 44, 45 (26)

R 46: Yarn A *k2tog, knit 9, k2tog* repeat between ** (22)

R 47,48:  (22)

R 49:  *k2tog, knit 7, k2tog* repeat between ** (18)

R 50, 51: (18)

R 52: Yarn B *k2tog, knit 5, k2tog* repeat between ** (14)

R 53: *k2tog, knit 3, k2tog* repeat between ** (10)

Cast off close up the gap 

The right side of the heart is now complete.

Take the stitches off the stitch holder and put onto dpn and complete the left side from R38 - R53

Crochet border:

I used a Christmas red:

Start at the bottom of the heart at the point.  Crochet one long deep single crochet stitch about 1cm long into the pot holder, look at photo for clarification.  
*Ch 2 then make another long single crochet stitch*
Repeat this process between ** until you reach the dip between the two heart tops.  

Here I made 3 deep single crochet stitches from the same point, again see photo for clarification. 

Continue as before between ** until you reach the top outer edge of the second heart top.  

Now we will construct the hanging loop:  Ch 30. In 2nd chain from the hook sc for 28 stitches and join the loop with a slip stitch to the main body of the heart.  Continue as before between ** until you reach the beginning, slip stitch to finish and weave in ends.  

♥  Hope you have a wonderful time 
in your kitchen leading up to the big day  ♥

Goro Christmas Cookies 1 2016

December 2nd

The latest addition to my Christmas kitchen: a goro maker

Since writing this blog I have relished the month of Christmas even more, the lead up to the big day is just as special and I love being in the kitchen with all those Christmas smells and Norwegian baking spices.

It is traditional in a Norwegian home to bake in the run up to Christmas 7 different cookies. Of course in these busy times we live in the tradition is slowly being lost but within our family the tradition is strong and I hope it will continue in my children's' homes as they grow and leave the nest.  After all this is how this blog came about, wanting to have all that is dear to me at Christmas on hand for my children written down and accessible when I am no longer here.

[For previous years cookie bakes see the end of the post]

Last year mamma brought over for me a Goro maker, a modern version of an old fashioned cookie mould that used to be made out of iron and placed in a fire oven to very quickly bake the cookies.  My one runs on electricity and the only thing I can liken it to is similar in looks to a waffle maker.  I know many of you will not have this and so my first bake of the Christmas season may exclude many of you, but I thought it worth blogging about it as it is such a traditional old fashioned Norwegian Christmas bake.

Goro recipe:
You will need:
♥  1 egg
♥  3/4 cup of sugar
♥  1 tsp vanilla extract
♥  1/2 cup whipping cream
♥  1 cup of butter
♥  2 3/4 cup plain flour
♥  1/2 tsp cardamon

Whip the cream until thick and set to one side.

Beat the egg and sugar until well 
combined and mix into the cream.

Combine all the dry ingredients.

Crumble the hard butter into the dry ingredients until it
resembles breadcrumbs 

Add to the egg mixture.

Still together, then knead it into a ball of dough

On a floured surface roll out thinly to about 2-3 mm

I used a cut out grease proof paper template of the side of the mould,
so that I know what size to roll out to without wasteage

Place the rolled out dough on the goro make and bake for
approximately 1 minute, it will crisp up quickly

Before you know it you will have a whole stack of goros.
It is best to divide them whilst they are still warm, else
you run the risk of breaking them when they cool and harden

Beautiful pattern makes a great adornment to a
coffee table cookie section

Previous years Christmas cookie bake recipes:

 2015 Cookie recipes  ~  scroll to the bottom of this post for all 2015 recipes


1 Pepperkaker
2 Serina kaker
3 Sugar cookies
4 Krumkaker
5 Saffron cookies
6 Honey coated chocolate cookies
7 Poor man cookies


1 Pepperkaker
2 Hasselnott meringues
3 Vanilje kranser
4 Krumkaker
5 Lussekatter
6 Brune kaker
7 Sandkaker

   Eat & Enjoy  

Do please let me know if you make any of these cookies or indeed if you think you have a recipe I may like, this is just my favourite time of year for baking...